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Removing an object or a person

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Price: 19.79 USD

The standard fee for this service is limited to 90 minutes of editing work per image. If we estimate the amount of work higher, we will send you a quote. If you do not accept the quote, we will refund the related pre-paid amount paid.

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I want to improve the composition of the image by removing one (1) object, person or animal

Describe which object, person or animal should be removed. Specify clearly. E.g. "Remove the yellow car in the upper left corner"

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Additional charge for each uploaded image file in this order that is not a JPG file : 2.00 USD

Use AdobeRGB (1998) color space - no additional charge 

Use ProPhoto RGB color space - no additional charge

I want the end result as a PSD file : 2.00 USD

I want the end result as a TIFF file : 2.00 USD