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Extensive Service

Please specify your requirements in the form below:

IMPORTANT: All images grouped under this instruction are to be used for the creation of 1 new image only.

Example: if you want Pictorescue to change the background; then upload the original image + the image for the background and drag and drop both images to the same instruction. Or if you want Picotrescue to make a photo montage based on 3 images; drag and drop all 3 images to the same instruction and describe your requirements with this form (see below).

Price per extensively edited image: 19.79 USD

The standard fee for this service is limited to 90 minutes of editing work per image. If we estimate the amount of work higher, we will send you a quote. If you do not accept the quote, we will refund the related pre-paid amount paid.

Use the personal preferences from my profile:

I leave the choices for enhancements to Pictorescue


If you want, you can choose a theme. Your images will be processed in the style of the theme:

  Wedding    Holiday  Love   Glamour

Family   In memoriam  



I want a designer to make a creative work based on my images (max. 3 images)

I want objects or persons from other images to be added to the image (supply us with a maximum of 2 other images for this purpose and clearly describe which image is the target image)


I want the background to be changed (supply us with the image for the background and clearly describe which image is the background image and which image is the target image)


Improve the composition of the image by removing one (1) object, person or animal

Describe which object, person or animal should be removed. Specify clearly. E.g. "Remove the yellow car in the upper left corner"

I want a collage or photo montage to be made (supply us with a maximum of 3 images and clearly describe what you want us to do with it)


Intensive restoration of a scanned image

Repair tears, cracks and scratches

Reconstruct missing pieces (caused by creases, cracks, tears and torn corners)

(Re-) vitalize pale colors


Make the image look like:

 Water-color drawing

Poster Edges effect

 Silkscreen "Andy Warhol" style


Delivery method:

Additional charges (click to expand)

Additional charge for each uploaded image file in this order that is not a JPG file : 2.00 USD

Use AdobeRGB (1998) color space - no additional charge 

Use ProPhoto RGB color space - no additional charge

I want the end result as a PSD file : 2.00 USD

I want the end result as a TIFF file : 2.00 USD