Black & White Colorization

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Reviving your most valuable old photos

How memories come alive again

The B/W Colorization service does exactly what you would expect: colorize scans of old black & white photos. In addition we restore tears, cracks and scratches.

Think of photos of your (great-) grandparents, childhood memories, historical events or any other photo from the past. Often these photos are damaged and even more: they are fading away. Let Pictorescue revive your most valuable old photos!

Upon your request we colorize in modern colors or in vintage style. Pictorescue has an extensive database with photos of furniture and fashion through the ages. We know what designs and colors where used in the average living room of the 50s and we know about the fashion in the 20s or 70s. Next to our “vintage” reference database, we have databases with shapes and colors of almost everything: forests, meadows, flowers, clouds, skies, wood, concrete, sand, etc.



Price:  28.79 USD  (incl. VAT)

The standard fee for this service is limited to 120 minutes of editing work per image. If we estimate the amount of work higher, we will send you a quote. If you do not accept the quote, we will refund the pre-paid amount.

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Price changes23 January 2012

Pictorescue changes its pricing  for the first time in 2,5 years. With the new prices Pictorescue still leads the pack with prices that are considerably lower than its competitors and a quality that is among the best in the industry.