How to give instructions in expert mode

If you just want to order one product at the time, choose a product from the page with an overview of all products and follow the flow (you don't need this tutorial).

This tutorial deals with the "expert mode" for uploading and is quite extensive. For a quick overview, click here to see a short video on uploading and ordering in expert mode.

The initial view when entering instructions in expert mode looks like this. You will see the photos you have uploaded (use the scroll bar on the right of the photos to scroll down).



To create an instruction you have to select an image with the left mouse button. Keep the left mouse button pressed and move the mouse downwards to drag the image into the section below it. This section has the text: "Drag and drop a photo here for a new instruction".



When you release the mouse button you "drop" the image in this lower section of the page and it will immediately appear in the upper section of the page. You have created an instruction.




Now you are ready to select a service:



Once you have selected a service, you will see that next to this selection box a link in red appears: ">> Enter details". Click on this link.



A form has appeared to enter the details of your instruction for processing your photos. 


The last section of the form deals with special requests that are more technical in nature and only of interest to professionals and experienced Photoshop artists. Don't worry about it if you are not familiar with the terminology here. Just skip this section and press the "Save" button to save your instruction.



If you have several photos uploaded that need to be processed in the same way, you can add them to the same instruction.  This saves you a lot of time entering the details.


In this example we drag and drop one photo to the same instruction.


Now the instruction is complete. Click "Add to basket" to send it to your shopping cart.


As you can see the instruction disappeared (it's in your shopping basket now). You can repeat the same steps for new instructions with the same or other services and add them to your shopping basket. If you are planning to use the "Extensive service", please pay attention to the next few steps in this tutorial.


Making instructions for the "Extensive service" is different from instructions for the other services. You can only add photos to an instruction if they need to be used to create one (1) new image. In the first example you see only 1 photo. This photo should be intensively retouched; the glasses should be removed. If you would have another photo were also the glasses need to be removed, you need to make a new instruction for that and in the next example we explain why.



With the "Extensive service" you can add several photos to one instruction and ask us to make a photo montage. For example, you can ask to add an object or a person to a photo or you can ask to change a background. Or you can add photos to help us retouch a photo, for example in case we need to recreate part of a person's body in a photo, it helps to have other photos of the same person. So, for the "Extensive service" all photos added to the instruction are for the delivery of one (1) image.



While making the instructions, you can even add a custom comment to each photo. Click on the little icon with pen and note paper in the upper right corner of a thumbnail to add this comment.



Be as precise as possible in your instructions.



Once you  are done with adding photos to instructions, make sure you added all instructions to the shopping basket. If you did not, you can click on the red "Add all to basket" button at the bottom right of the page.

After that click on the red "Proceed to checkout" button to confirm your order.


If you want to continue with the tutorial on confirming the order, click here.



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Price changes23 January 2012

Pictorescue changes its pricing  for the first time in 2,5 years. With the new prices Pictorescue still leads the pack with prices that are considerably lower than its competitors and a quality that is among the best in the industry.