Wedding photography

Photo retouch and photo montage of wedding photos

It is important that wedding photos look in the best possible way. Maybe you hired a wedding photographer, but still want some of the photos to be turned in a very special image. Or maybe one of your relatives or friends made the photos and they need to be touched up to look better.


Photo montage

A fairly simple photo montage with maximum effect. Leave it to our imagination or come with your own ideas!


PRICE:  19.79 USD, incl. VAT



Extensive retouch

Retouching the image by removing objects, removing a person or, as in the second example, opening closed eyes (it helps if you supply us with another photo of the same person so that we know what the eyes should look like).


PRICE:  19.79 USD, incl. VAT



Special requests

Some retouching jobs require a lot of time. If you have specific requirements and don't know which service/price to choose: ask us for a quote by uploading your photo and describing your wishes. We will send you a quote within 2 working days.

PRICE:  based on quotation



Basic retouch

With the basic retouch we improve the white balance (the colors), the contrast and the brightness.


PRICE:  4.59 USD, incl. VAT


If you have many photos that need basic retouching we can give you a discounted price per photo. Submit some samples to use and ask for a quote.



Comprehensive retouch

With the comprehensive retouch we not only improve the white balance, contrast and brightness; we also remove blemishes, restore details by sharpening parts of the image and change colors on request.


PRICE:  9.79 USD, incl. VAT



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Price changes23 January 2012

Pictorescue changes its pricing  for the first time in 2,5 years. With the new prices Pictorescue still leads the pack with prices that are considerably lower than its competitors and a quality that is among the best in the industry.