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Photo retouching, photo montage and photo restoration



The Pictorescue site consists of three different sections:

  1. A section for consumers: the B2C section;

  2. A section for businesses and professional photographers: the B2B section;

  3. A forum.

Next to these sections there are pages with general information, support information and tools that are shared between the B2C and B2B sections: the photo upload page, the ordering page and the shopping cart.


B2C Section

The Pictorescue website is different from other websites offering photo retouching services. At the Pictorescue site customers can upload images and choose between many different types of image enhancement, each having a fixed price: Fairy Tale photo montage, Pop Art in Andy Warhol style transformations, Pop Art in Roy Lichtenstein style transformations, photo montage "Old Masters", Beautifying, Photo restoration, Black & White Colorization, Removing objects and persons, Changing a background, Basic Image Enhancement, Comprehensive Image Enhancement and Extensive Image Editing. An easy "pick and choose" menu of all services is offered here. There is no need to wait for a quote; customers can specify their instructions and process the order and payments immediately. More info on payments, discount and ordering can be found on the Payments and Discounts page. An overview of all services can be found on the Image Enhancement Service page and on the menu bar under “Services”.

For special requests that do not fit one of the four types of image enhancement, customers can upload their photos and ask for a quote. The quote will be send within 2 working days via an email that contains a link to a page where customers can either accept or reject the quote.  

When orders are submitted, Pictorescue staffs will intake the order instructions. The intaker may add additional instructions for an editor, based on the profile of a customer. If the customer is a new customer, the origin of a customer will be taken into account with regard to saturation of colors, contrast and other characteristics that are subject to regional differences in appreciation.

The intaker will also review if the submitted instructions are “fair” in view of the price and maximum editing time for a service.For example, the “Comprehensive Image Enhancement” service has a maximum editing time of twenty-five minutes per image. In case the intaker estimates two hours of editing time, the intaker will contact the customer by sending a revised quote for the order. The customer will receive an email that contains a link to a page where the revised quote for the order can be accepted or rejected. Once accepted, the price will not change, even when the editing time turns out to be four hours.

On the menu bar, next to “Services”, all pages related to “Themes” can be found. These pages deal with specific subjects and interests: Family photos, Wedding photos, Children’s photos, Pets photos, In Memoriam – photos in memory of a loved one, Old photos, Photo Beautifying, Love and Friends, Holidays and Events, Amateur Photography.

The "Support” pages include Frequently Asked Questions and various other pages with news.

Note that the forum also includes support information such as tutorials on how to use the site, how to upload photos, specify an order and make a payment.

At the bottom of each page links are provided to information about Pictorescue, the Terms & Conditions, the privacy policy and contact information.


B2B section

For businesses and professional photographers the B2B section outlines the services offered and a portfolio of our client markets.

The services are described on the following pages: Digital Photo Development and RAW processing, Photo Retouching, Photo Masking, Image Metadata Updates, Geo Tagging Photos

The portfolio pages are focused on: Wedding Photographers, Real Estate Photographers, Food and Beverages businesses, Photo archives, Web Publishing.

A special page is dedicated to photo retailers.

The “Support” pages include Frequently Asked Questions and various other pages with news, information and trivia.

At the bottom of each page links are provided to information about Pictorescue, the Terms & Conditions, the privacy policy and contact information.



The forum is set-up as a separate website. To be able to contribute to the forum, a registration is required. You cannot sign in to the forum with the Pictorescue account. This is done to allow users to contribute to the forum without the need to register as a customer to Pictorescue.

If you only want to read information on the forum, there is no need to create an account for the forum.
Important sections in the forum for Pictorescue users are:



The website has tools for uploading, specifying instruction for orders and for payments. You need to be registered and signed in to be able to use the tools. See How to upload and order - Text with illustrations or How to upload and order - Video for detailed instructions. Most tools will be used during the order process.

The user profile has additional tools. One of them is for frequent users of the Pictorescue service: the option to top-up your account balance. This is convenient because, as long as the account balance is positive, you don’t need to process a payment of your order via PayPal.


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Price changes23 January 2012

Pictorescue changes its pricing  for the first time in 2,5 years. With the new prices Pictorescue still leads the pack with prices that are considerably lower than its competitors and a quality that is among the best in the industry.