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Pictorescue offers leaflets that photo retailers can use to sell our services over the counter. These leaflets only have product information, no price information and no links to the Pictorescue website. We have 1 page leaflets for each service and an  "all in one" brochure containing all the leaflets. PDF versions with a bleed area and with specific color profiles can be provided upon request.
Download the "all in one brochure" (catalogue):Pictorescue catalogue cover


Download the PDF product information leaflets of your choice: 


You can download the examples below for in-store display. Click on the images to download the files.
All examples are copyright (© Pictorescue) protected. Any other use than in-store display is only allowed with a written authorization of Pictorescue. The examples are watermarked with a Pictorescue logo. Versions without watermarks can be made available on request, but may be subject to license fees in case stock photos have been used for the example.
Fairy tale photo montage Fairy tale photo montage Old masters of painting photo montage Pop art photo manipulation Pop art photo manipulation Greeting card photo montage
Pop art photo manipulation Pop art photo manipulation Pop art photo manipulation Pop art photo manipulation Pop art photo manipulation Photo retouch
Pop art photo manipulation Pop art photo manipulation Scrapbook photo montage Scrapbook photo montage Scrapbook photo montage Photo restoration


Because we are continuously expanding our product range, we stopped producing printable order forms. Use the online order form instead.
We will send you our price list upon your request.
You can also find our latest price list in our special forum section for photo retailers. This section is only visible for registered photo retailers. Contact us for access to this forum!  In order to get access we need your name, company name, phone number and your address details.
Send all your requests to sales@pictorescue.com


Pictorescue is a specialist in the digital enhancement of photos. We deliver services for photo retouching, photo restoration and creating photo montages. Our range of services is broad and our prices are much lower than average. Last but not least: we value giving personal attention to all our customers. However, in our view, the most personal and trusted service, is the service delivered by photo retailers in local communities. That is why we prefer cooperating with traditional retailers.
The services of Pictorescue make a perfect fit with print and scan services of retailers and many of our services can be sold together with prior photo shoots in a studio. We offer you to include our services in your own offerings and increase your sales of prints, photo books, wish cards, frames, etc. You are free to establish your selling prices for our services. So, you can make a good margin on our services and at the same time you have many cross selling opportunities for your other products and services.
To accommodate a very diverse range of assignment we work with around 20 editors with different experience and background. We have editors with experience in portrait- and wedding photography, and we have editors with a background in the print media and advertising industry.
Our fees are between 50% - 80% lower the average in the North American, European and Australian market. Still, our quality is at least as good as our best competitors. The reason is that most of our production is located in Asia and managed on location by Dutch and Western educated staff according to Dutch quality standards.
We offer you to try our service. We will process your first order without any obligation for you. I you are satisfied with the result, we will send you an invoice.
If you need more information, please contact us via email: sales@pictorescue.com

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Price changes23 January 2012

Pictorescue changes its pricing  for the first time in 2,5 years. With the new prices Pictorescue still leads the pack with prices that are considerably lower than its competitors and a quality that is among the best in the industry.